LWSC starts provision of pit emptying services in Peri-Urban areas

Access to quality sanitation services has been a challenge for low income communities in Lusaka.

These households represent 70% of the total population of Lusaka where there is extensive use pit latrines. While this has been the case, LWSC is now providing pit emptying services in an effort to address this challenge.

The utility now has a dedicated Faecal Sludge Management unit to manage the provision of onsite sanitation and faecal sludge management

As such LWSC, through Faecal Sludge Management Unit is offering emptying and transportation services to households using pit latrines.

LWSC has since partnered with service providers to provide emptying and transportation services on behalf of the utility in a regulated and coordinated manner.

The goal is to provide inclusive sanitation, so that everyone has access to safer, quality and affordable sanitation services.
This consequently protects ground water.

The cost of emptying services is ZMW 125/m3 of faecal sludge emptied.

For more information kindly contact the following private service providers:

Kanyama Water Trust - 0974800802
Lunem Entreprises Ltd - 0966764053
Mima Sanitation services - 0968144847
Chazanga Water Trust - 0976482223
Geochi Services - 0977842832

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