Misisi Water Project

Misisi has equally not been left out in the Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company’s quest to provide clean and safe drinking water. Therefore, the company through its cooperating partners- Department for International development (DFID) and Wasser-for-Wasser embarked on the construction of a 7.07 km new network with a further extension of 4.5 km of network.

The first phase of 7.07km network involved the following works

  • Construction of 7.07Km HDPE water distribution network
  • 100 house connections
  • Construction of 20 new closed Kiosks
  • Upgrading of existing 14 Communal taps
  • Construction of 15 new Open Kiosks

This first phase was successfully completed.

Works have continued on an extension network of 4.5km and are expected to be completed by April 2017.