Corporate Governance


The LWSC in its current Strategic Plan 2018 to 2022 identifies the strengthening of Corporate Governance as one of the Strategic Objectives aimed at improving organizational efficiency.

The Board of Directors has oversight of the company and regards Corporate Governance as a critical element in the achievement of its strategic objectives. Accordingly, the Board has adopted a Corporate Governance Code, Board Charter and other policies to discharge its duties. The said documents are periodically reviewed and enhanced to take account of changes in the law and governance practices.

During the course of the year the Board discharged it’s duties through the Committees of the Board namely;

  • Works and ICT Committee
  • Finance and Human Resources Committee and
  • Audit and Risk Committee

In the same period LWSC demonstrated its commitment to continuous enhancement of its governance processes namely, reviewing the Terms of Reference of the Board Committees, Amending the Code of Conduct and Ethics Policy and launching the Anti-Corruption Policy, Gifts and Benefits Policy and Whistle Blower Policy.

Furthermore, the Company recognizes that effective stakeholder engagement provides a platform for open discussions as well as appreciation and better understanding of its mandate. The Board toured the province, and had an opportunity to meet management teams and appreciate some of the operational challenges they face. The operational areas toured included; Chongwe Water Supply Improvement Project, Emergency Works in Kanyama, Mass Media Wellfield Protection, Sanitation Action Plan in Mtendere, Operations at sewerage facilities at Manchichi Sewage Treatment Plant, Mass Media pumping station and Kaunda Square Ponds. Construction of Pit Latrines (with provision for empting and connecting to water borne sewers) and Construction of toilets/sanitation facilities were also visited.

LWSC recognizes that responsible, sustainable Corporate Governance is essential to the long term success of the Company.